oh my god I wanted to like Laverne Cox but now I just can’t do it I cannot appreciate or respect someone who would sympathize with a rapist and murderer. of ALL people, of all the trans people out there who need help, why would you choose to help someone who killed and raped a 13 year old girl.

Hearing the letter being read makes me sick.

“I want my voice to be heard, I want my dreams to matter, I want people to know who I am because tomorrow is not promised”

LIKE? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? That little girl’s voice and dreams obviously meant fuck all to you, so why do you deserve to be heard? I honestly just want to puke right now.

  1. mercutio: i can see what's happening
  2. benvolio: what?
  3. mercutio: and they don't have a clue!
  4. benvolio: stop
  5. mercutio: they'll fall in love and here's the bottom line -- our trio's down to two
  6. benvolio: people are dying